Wicker: Make Your Home Pop With the Use of Functional Designs and Vibrant Colours

Furniture pieces made from wicker are excellent to use for home upgrades. These furniture types are so versatile that you can count on them to make your place look stunning and extravagant regardless of the theme and colour that you want to employ.

You can make a room pop with your choice of colour palette. You can opt to go bold, be dramatic or just use your chosen colour as an accent or give contrast to your wall colour. Pull it in through draperies or furniture that you can have customized with the colour of your choice.

Decorating with colours is definitely a lot of fun. But if you want to use a powerful and commanding colour like red, choose your kind of red carefully. Home design experts recommend infusion of this statement colour through decors and other items rather than paint. Red is a stimulating shade that grabs attention and focus, but if used properly, can be your place’s defining element. Avoid using high-octane tones if you want a place that exudes a cozy and alive feel. Choose subtler colours such as deep maroon, burgundy and shades of purple.

Even if you choose to decorate your home with a colour that’s associated with royalty, you can be sure that you will find wicker furnishings that will match it. Deep purple is very soothing and hints luxury and passion. You can use dark purples or soft purples in your bedroom, living room or kitchen. You can find sofas, wicker chairs, plastic chairs, cotton rugs, glass lamps, tufted bed, glass compote, ceramic stools and even door knobs with this colour on the market. Deep purples are best used boldly according to interior designers. You can opt to go a few tones lighter on the walls if your furnishings are a bit dark.

If you love to be in a space that’s artfully designed and decorated, pick the zippiest colour to hug your walls and accents. Decorate your space starting with show-stopping wall paint in orange. This colour has many moods depending on the temper of the shade that you chose to employ. You can use peach for calmness, earthy yellows and warm oranges for a homey feel. If you want to use dark orange for your walls, stick to neutrals when choosing your furnishings and other decorative items to achieve a friendly glow and a welcoming feel.

After deciding on a colour scheme for your living space, it is also important to get organized. Know some helpful organization strategies. Check out the web for the latest and the niftiest storage and shelving styles that suit your taste and purpose.

If we can decorate with colours, we can organize our homes according to our personality and those of our loved ones. If you want to succeed in implementing your orders at home, research on the right organizing scheme to use according to the personality of each person in your home and use this information in decorating their own rooms. Functional design is choosing a decoration style that conforms to a person’s system. So, when buying wicker furniture to place in every room in your house, let each family member choose the colour that they like, as well.