Three Components of the Great Kitchen Design

The three components of a great Kitchen design starts with planning. These components are a good working triangle, easy traffic flow and enough countertop space. This design can be adjusted for different types of cooking. A great design provides efficient placement of equipment and supplies and eliminates wasted time and steps.

A working triangle is the area formed by refrigerator, kitchen sink and range. These need to be spaced far enough apart for each to have their own working area and close enough together a cook can rinse a pan, remove milk from the refrigerator and stir a bubbling pot on the stove by moving only a few steps in any direction.

Traffic flow into and around kitchen can increase the comfort of all people in the household. A refrigerator placed at an opening allows youngsters to grab a can of soda quickly without invading the cooking triangle or getting in the cook’s way. Careful planning into who uses the kitchen and how it will be used create the right placement of appliances, dishes, silverware and dishwasher.

The amount of countertop space and location of this space creates efficiency and cooking enjoyment or frustration and spills. The most overlooked area is a countertop next to the refrigerator; this provides a work space for loading or unloading the refrigerator. Even a small area here increases convenience.

Many times people planning the ideal Kitchen design start with colors or decor. This ideal workspace is one that people like to work in. Each cook requires a different amount of storage, cooking equipment and supplies. Some cooks need more workspace (countertops) and others want more storage close at hand.

Gourmet cooks who are right-handed need space and storage to the right of the range. A left-handed cook will want this storage on the left side. By designing kitchens to please the cooks, the kitchens will be most efficient and more pleasant to use.

If two people will be using the kitchen at the same time, the design will include two works areas. Adding an extra sink will increase enjoyment and eliminate hassles. This is a small additional investment for the convenience it provides.

An ideal Kitchen design works well for the cook by having all important items close at hand. This design also accommodates other people in house and their needs. A well-designed kitchen is a pleasure to work in and produces better quality food for all to enjoy.