The Perfect Kitchen Design: Experts Spill The Secrets To A Lovely Space

They say that the kitchen is where the actual magic happens. It is not just the quantity of the finished products that fill your family’s almost empty stomachs that counts, but also the amount of tasks done within your kitchen area.

Having everything in its rightful place and keeping your area clear of clutter is how your layout should be. Your kitchen design, specialists say, is not merely decorating your favorite room. It should be well thought out and planned, so as not to post hazards to anyone using it, or re-create a reflection of your chaotic activity. Organize your space. Put away your home magazines for the mean time, and try to work first with what you already have. Here are some tips to make your kitchen stylish yet functional.

1.) Put your big kitchen appliances somewhere where they won’t be blocking any way. Especially when they’re not frequently used, it is better to place your bulks out of the way and give space to more useful items.

2.) If you won’t use it ever again, take them outside. And by that, we mean throw it out. If your item is too old to function, or has some damages beyond repair, it would be better to take them to the junk shop or just safely throw them away. Dispose items that do not serve any purpose anyway. That will give you still more space for new and more useful stuffs you might want to add to your kitchen.

3.) If you do not have any available storage products, it’s time for you to do a little home shopping. It would be better though, if you can re-create your existing storage space to add more spaces for other items. Turning a cupboard or a drawer into a dual-purpose space is a great idea when you are on a budget or when you don’t really have a big kitchen area.

4.) Create working stations. Keep everything in arm’s reach. This will help you organize your kitchen, and make moving easier for you. To do this, you may want to keep drinking glasses, mugs, saucers, tea cups, and coffee and creamer set by the bar, or near your coffee maker. Or try having your condiments shelf near the cooking area where you keep your utensils like kitchen knives, cutting board, pans, and near your gas range.

5.) Create the perfect ambiance. You would want your cooking experience to be less tiring, right? Aesthetics can provide you with your most wanted atmosphere. You can do this by adding accessories in appropriate areas, or splashing a little lively color other than your usual white. Also, keep everything clean, polished and sanitized.