Modern Kitchen Design Ideas With Molding

Molding is used quite often in kitchens in order to improve the appearance of the cooking area and there are many different designs and styles that can be easily used to make the kitchen completely unique and custom in appearance. You could go for just a few decorative touches or adding molding around the cabinet tops, the choice is all yours.

Adding custom crown molding to the top areas of the cabinets in order to give your kitchen a modern, custom look, you first need to measure the room where it will be installed. Don’t forget to buy enough molding to last you for the entire project, and an additional 10-15% that will help with fixing any mistakes or cutting waste. Some manufacturers might actually have pre-finished molding that match your actual cabinets, so it might be worth looking that option as well.

When you add molding to your cabinets you can either nail them directly or you could attach a thin particle board that will be used to attach the molding to instead of directly. This will also let you redecorate the cabinets in a different way later on if you so choose.

You can alternatively even glue it to the cabinet door fronts and this technique is especially useful and beautiful for painted kitchen cabinets. You can add first the molding and then re-paint the cabinets for a fresh touch.

Adding a chair rail is yet another way you can use them effectively to make your kitchen modern and unique. Or adding wainscoting to the lower wall parts first and then using the chair rail on the top might be also an interesting idea.

Do not be afraid to experiment as there are many possibilities of using molding to give your cooking area a very modern and beautiful look that it deserves.