Kitchen Design – Beautify Yours With Venice Inspired Designs

What makes Italian interior design so attractive? Venice is especially associated with romance – moonlit nights, gondolas and love. The Italian culture has always been steeped in art, design and the deep appreciation of food and family gatherings. The Venetian kitchen is the heart and center of the home. After vacationing in this passionate spot in Europe, many yearn to bring a bit of the flavor into their own abodes.

Architecture and interior decorating have long been influenced by this locale. Nobility from the Roman Empire were design masters and we are still incorporating their ideas into our current lives. While Venetian designs of yesteryear tended to be fairly ornate and elaborate, the modern look is a bit more simplified and airy.

One component of Venice inspired designs is bringing the outside into the home. Stonework, woodwork, large glass windows in order to see the lovely view of the landscape are all ways of incorporating nature. Stone countertops and rich wooden cabinetry are trademark touches. Another component is practical utilization of space. European homes tend to be small, and it is therefore crucial to get the best allocation of space.

Kitchens, in particular, need to be functional as well as attractive. Quiet meals, which are often slow cooking with simmering of sauces, are both prepared and eaten in the kitchen. Wine is savored in the space as the food is prepared. The one inspired by Venice should be warm and comfortable and capable of hosting the cooks and guests.

Stainless steel appliances are popular in Italian kitchens. Hanging pot racks mounted above a central workstation are wonderful in order to have the pots, pans and colanders readily available. A ceramic jug or hanging apparatus for the array of cooking utensils should always been within reach, as well.

In an Italian kitchen, there should be adequate pantry space for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, canisters of spices, garlands of garlic and onions. Tomato puree, tomato paste, fresh oregano and pasta should stock the pantry, as well as allow space for the pasta maker and food processor. A wine rack is another essential.

The colors of nature are evident in the decorating scheme such as eggshell white, sky blue, and burgundy wine or grape color in the linens. Fruit, especially grapes, are often featured in the linen patterns, as well.

Bring a bit of Venice home with you into your kitchen through your decorating and enjoy many happy meals with your family. Spices and savory aromas bubbling from pots, an open bottle of wine and much love and laughter can fill your kitchen inspired by Venice.