Kitchen Design Advice

It is an exciting and a daunting task to design a new kitchen or remodel the existing kitchen. It is important to have a list of must-haves, along with the price list. There are certain areas that require consideration when a homeowner is remodeling or renovating the kitchen. It is important to ensure the basic principles of kitchen design are kept in mind, while incorporating innovative ideas.

While designing a kitchen, it is important to keep the basic, functional layout in mind. It is advisable to group the core work triangle, of stove, sink, and refrigerator together. This will help a person to save time going to and fro in the kitchen.

It is also worthwhile to invest in an over-sized, deep sink. This helps avoid splashing of water outside the sink especially while washing large utensils and dishes. It is also important to have a hot water connection to the sink taps for hot water.

Countertops are yet another area that requires some research. A minimum stretch of four feet should be allowed for, to enable baking with ease. It is advisable to choose the best quality of countertop available, as it is an area that tends to get damaged in the long run.

It should be ensured that the kitchen has proper ventilation, as it is very important factor for a hygienic and clean kitchen. It is important to place the exhaust fan in the proper location, as also the chimney. The cabinets in the kitchen need to be designed to ensure maximum utility.

It is imperative that a good kitchen has good lighting especially in the areas where food is being prepared. The homeowner can also include decorative lighting to suit the overall style of the kitchen. Certain mood lights are used to give special effects to glass front cabinets and cove ceilings.