Considerations for Modern Kitchen Design

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, you will need to begin by having a pretty good idea of what it is that you hope to achieve. You should know the kind of cabinets you want installed as well as the kind of counter-tops you are interested in. In considering kitchen design, you may take your old layout into account or come up with a new one. The three main stations in the kitchen that generally for the triangle are oven, refrigerator and sink. Figure out where those need to sit and then come up with the installations and fixtures that you are interested in before picking your decor theme.

Kitchen design will take into consideration the various layouts available. You have the L-shaped, the U-shaped and the galley. If you decide to select the galley you can select whether you want a two wall galley or a one wall galley. Each of the layouts comes with its disadvantages as well as advantages which involve issues of storage, cooking, and foot traffic. If you are remodeling your kitchen you may not necessarily be able to change the layout of it. If your kitchen is square, you can usually get and L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen however if the kitchen is long and narrow then a galley is usually the logical option. If you have a large kitchen you may want to consider adding an island as well.

Part of what you need to consider when it comes to kitchen design is the decor of your kitchen. Usually this is a combination of the decor theme that already exists and your decor taste. I your home has been built in a country style, installing stainless steel appliances all over the kitchen, metal counters and metallic wall decor is a bad idea as it will look out of place. When making your plans it is best to look around at what you are working with, figure out the layout that will work best, figure out your decor preferences and how storage will work in your new premises and then put it all in your budget. It is wise to have a budget before you start making plans.

One of the things that must be taken into account when it comes to kitchen design is lighting. It is a great idea to have some suspended lighting. If your house is large and your kitchen is big, you can have more than one. Recessed lighting can also be installed strategically, however if you have an island, a chandelier suspended above it, will do beautifully. A light over the stove is also a great idea that allows you to see what you are cooking better. With the right lighting you can get your kitchen’s best features highlighted. If you are building a new kitchen consider natural light during the day. Make sure that the windows are large enough and that your window treatments do not obscure the light.

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