Are You Interested in Creating Beautiful Tuscan Kitchen Designs?

From Basic White Backsplash Kitchen Tile To Functional Furniture – Create A Design That Is Simple Yet Elegant All At Once!

Do you dream of creating a beautiful kitchen that exudes a soft and romantic feel? If so, you might consider incorporating some of the elements of Tuscan kitchen designs the next time you remodel your kitchen.

There are many characteristics that are associated with Tuscan kitchen designs. For example, the colors you choose should recreate the look of natural earth tones. To that end, some of the colors you should incorporate into the design include…

* Brown
* Coal Black
* Deep Blue
* Gold
* Ochre
* Rusty Red
* Terra Cotta
* Yellow

Tuscan kitchen designs also involve including natural decorative items that help add more of these colors. Some motifs that can be part of Tuscan kitchen designs include…

* Cypress Trees
* Grapevines
* Lemons
* Olives
* Sunflowers

The main goal when creating Tuscan kitchen designs is to create a look that brings thoughts of Italy to mind.

Since Tuscany is warm nearly the entire year, your Tuscan kitchen should also have a warm design. To that end, you should allow your windows to let in as much sunlight as possible. At the same time, take advantage of opportunities to create a warm feel inside the kitchen with the help of the right colors and other decorative elements.

In addition to the lighting, Tuscan kitchen designs are created with the help of the right appliances and decor. Backsplash kitchen tile, for example, should be a simple basic white surrounding a large rectangular sink.

You don’t have to limit the ceramic to backsplash kitchen tile, however, as clay tiles, terra cotta tiles or ceramic tiles are also the perfect addition to the Tuscan kitchen floor. Or, you can install a wooden floor and then finish the look off with the help of a delightful Persian rug.

The cabinets incorporated into Tuscan kitchen designs should feature open shelving that allows you to display baskets, cooking utensils, and ceramics that are all characteristic of the classic Italian kitchen. Furniture, on the other hand, should have the look and feel of a strong and well-built design.

Perhaps one of the best parts of creating Tuscan kitchen designs is the fact that you don’t have to be overly conscious of everything looking perfect and in its place. In fact, part of the charm of this style of kitchen is the fact that it has a weathered and well-used look. After all, the perfect Italian kitchen is one in which great foods are cooked and where families enjoy time together.