5 Reasons Bath Design and Bath Decor Are Important

When thinking of bath design and bath decor there are several reasons why this is important. The old-fashioned concept of a bathroom was to divert attention away from it considering it merely a room that serviced necessary daily functions. The modern view is that the bathroom is the second household room in order of importance and value, with the kitchen winning top honors.

How a bathroom is arranged, outfitted with fixtures, and finally accessories are of great importance.

1. One reason is that it is such a frequently used room for many purposes. Today, a lot of attention is given to grooming which can occupy a fair amount of time. Relaxation is another important function in the bath design of today with all the improvements in fixtures that provide both relaxation and therapeutic benefit.

Showers have improved from just being a place to quickly bathe under a stream of warm water and get on with your life, to a place to enjoy and often relish. Modern shower enclosures can be outfitted with showerheads providing everything from a warm soothing stream to an invigorating pulsating massage. And these benefits may not just come from a showerhead, but also from shower panels that provide water delivery to different parts of the body and also in various speeds and modes. Think of it as a whirlpool bath while standing.

And, of course, the high ticket shower enclosures may include television, radio, MP3 player, lighting synchronized to water flow, or even a hands-free phone.

And tubs have also come along with time. Yes, they are still basically a vessel holding water to relax and/or bathe in, but they come in various styles, shapes, depths, and also may supply water through strategically placed jets.

All these improvements make a bathroom a pretty appealing place in which to spend time.

2. Another reason for attention to bath design and bath decor is that it is one of the rooms most frequently seen by visitors to your home. Have you thought about that? How many of your visitors are likely to go into your master bedroom while they are visiting? Few, I would guess. But most guests who are in your home for a good talk, a couple of drinks etc. will in all likelihood visit your bath.

3. Bathrooms are only usually renovated every several years, either small changes or large. The decisions you make will be with you for an extensive period, so it only makes sense to take the time and focus it needs to get it right.

4. This is a smaller room usually than the other rooms in a home. For that reason every item and fixture creates greater impact than in a more spacious room where there are more furnishing and fixtures in a room for the eye to focus it’s attention on.

Also, most of a bath’s major furnishings or fixtures serve important functions and need to be selected with care. Some of these items may be a bit costly, but in relation to other items in the home they are long-standing and usually durable. Most people who have run a household for any time will tell you they have replaced their living room furnishings far more times than their bathtub, shower or vanity.

5. And finally bath decor is the icing on the cake. It’s what gives this space it’s personality and color.

This should be considered when setting up your bath design. Items not likely for replacement often, such as fixtures and flooring, should be selected in neutral tones to allow for changes in decor periodically to stay up with current trends and keep an otherwise well maintained and outfitted bathroom from looking behind the times and worn.