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Kitchen Designing Dogma To Avoid Pet Peeves

In addition to practicality, kitchen designing caters to the visual in enhancing the overall home decor. The approach of reducing this portion of the house to the backburners is being superseded by the modern take on treating guests to a more personal experience. As many adopt the mindset as connoisseurs of food and drink, inviting guests to share in one’s personal space is an honorable occasion. Space must be able to cater to the home owner’s demonstrative flair. Kitchen islands or peninsula serve well to entertain guests whilst one whips up freshly-cooked dishes for immediate enjoyment. Gone are the days whereby guests amuse themselves in the living area whereas the lonely host slaves over a hot stove to get food onto the table.

Kitchen designing ideas take into consideration how the new concept influences the existing. Although it is unnecessary to reflect the same scheme of colors and patterns throughout the house, new ones must complement as well as compliment. Otherwise, a clash is bound to result in an eyesore to last one’s lifetime or the kitchen’s, whichever drags the longest. Dark colors promote warmth whilst shrinking space whereas lighter hues bring cheer alongside cleaning challenges. Since no two kitchens or its users are ever the same, it serves well to select the right shades for optimal results.

Pick fittings of appropriate sizes. A countertop too narrow or wide for its own good may not serve the ultimate goal. Although storage space is essential, cabinets form the face of the kitchen. Well placed and sized, they create balance in home decor.

Man is not designed to see in the dark. A well-lit kitchen is a boon to its user as tasks can be quickly carried out. Good kitchen designing channels natural light within. Despite the best of efforts, workspaces shielded by overhanging cabinets and shelves may experience some lighting detriment. This can easily be solved with suitable light fixtures.

Can Free Kitchen Design Software Really Help?

There are no binary perceptions about the fact that a kitchen’s universal appeal is a telling tribute to its nature. Many consider it a hub for activities with the family; for others it means an oasis of peace and calm, nestled far away from the seething energy of blue-chip cities.

Not surprising then that it’s hard to torpedo the single-minded dedication and focus with which homeowners design this very personal space. And free kitchen design software is their rock of Gibraltar in this sometimes ardors, sometimes insightful journey.

High-Technology At Its Formula Best

Grizzled veterans might treat this technological marvel with scorn generally reserved for emails with the spam folder at their final resting place, but the fact remains that this software is too priceless to be relegated to obscurity. And considering the monstrous appetite for high-end, avant-garde technology, nobody is bemused by its hallowed monopoly.

But if you’re still trundling around in the Ice Age, in terms of technology, you may really not be able to come to terms with this brouhaha. So, let’s cut through the hyperbolic headlines and get straight to the point:

  • This highly advanced, user-friendly design program gives homeowners’ unrestrained flexibility to design every minute detail of their kitchen- from flooring and lighting to kitchen islands and counter tops. All this and more, without hitting a false note.
  • It gives you the freedom to choose the shape of your space with an accurate assessment of the measurements.
  • The location of important elements like doors, windows, water, gas, walls, electricity, tables and chairs, cabinets, appliances and kitchen sinks are depicted with remarkable clarity.
  • It allows you unrestricted access to a cache of templates, furniture objects, fixtures and materials.
  • On completion of the design, it suffuses you with a sweet rush of self-worth by displaying your dream kitchen in both 2D and 3D.
  • Once it has passed your stringent design standards, you can take a print out and let your venerable interior designer give you a pat on the back.
  • Financially astute homeowners can make snap judgments regarding the extent to which their ambitious project will leave them bankrupt.

Feng Shui Bedroom Design and Decorating Ideas

The bedroom is the place where you sleep, and it’s also a love nest. This nest should be warm, cozy and peaceful, or else love may not want to live there. In this article, we give some tips to improve the feel of anyone’s bedroom.

It’s good if the bedroom is far from the entrance hall and kitchen, or at least well isolated from these. You need to protect the bedroom from the slamming of doors, music in other rooms, the noise in the kitchen, and the sound of water in the bathroom.

If your bedroom is both, a living room and dining room (e.g. studio apartment), be sure to hide the bed from view. You can fence off the bed or place something bright and distracting next to the bed, for example, a beautiful vase. This simple measure could be beneficial for your personal life.

During the day, try to attract more Qi into the feng shui bedroom. Push the curtains apart and let the sunlight in. If possible, open the windows also. Keep in mind that the sunlight should not fall directly on the bed, as the sun’s rays can activate the bed and make it difficult to sleep on.

A bed with two adjoining mattresses will create a symbolic separation of the spouses, which is best avoided. For this reason, it’s best to avoid sleeping on two beds pushed together.

It’s advisable not to sleep on round beds or water beds (very unstable). The best beds are stable and strong ones.

The back of the bed, too, has some significance. The copper and arched backs aren’t the best (semicircle implies incompleteness). The best are rectangular backs. In general, the bed simply has to have a solid back.

One of the most important factors is the location of the bed. Lying on the bed, you should see the bedroom door diagonally, but not with your feet facing the door. The bed should not be placed under bare ceiling beams, as it can be fraught with problems. The beams that are in parallel to the bed can cause problems in relationships between spouses. It’s best to hide the beams by a suspended ceiling, or move the bed. If you do not have such opportunities, consider attaching bamboo sticks tied with red thread to the beam.

A big lamp on the ceiling can symbolically divide the bed (and a sleeping couple) in two, so it’s best to move the bed in this case.

The bed should not stand in the middle of the room, because it creates instability. Ideally, the bed should be in contact with the wall (with its back), to have support. A bed that stands sideways to the wall can mean a bachelor life. If you want a life partner, your bed should provide a convenient approach for you.

The bed linen should not have images of animals of prey (danger) or cars (anxiety). The linen should not be blue, black or red.

If you want to sleep well, remove everything except the bed and love charms from the feng shui bedroom. Make your bed attractive, fresh and fragrant.