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The Perfect Kitchen Design: Experts Spill The Secrets To A Lovely Space

They say that the kitchen is where the actual magic happens. It is not just the quantity of the finished products that fill your family’s almost empty stomachs that counts, but also the amount of tasks done within your kitchen area.

Having everything in its rightful place and keeping your area clear of clutter is how your layout should be. Your kitchen design, specialists say, is not merely decorating your favorite room. It should be well thought out and planned, so as not to post hazards to anyone using it, or re-create a reflection of your chaotic activity. Organize your space. Put away your home magazines for the mean time, and try to work first with what you already have. Here are some tips to make your kitchen stylish yet functional.

1.) Put your big kitchen appliances somewhere where they won’t be blocking any way. Especially when they’re not frequently used, it is better to place your bulks out of the way and give space to more useful items.

2.) If you won’t use it ever again, take them outside. And by that, we mean throw it out. If your item is too old to function, or has some damages beyond repair, it would be better to take them to the junk shop or just safely throw them away. Dispose items that do not serve any purpose anyway. That will give you still more space for new and more useful stuffs you might want to add to your kitchen.

3.) If you do not have any available storage products, it’s time for you to do a little home shopping. It would be better though, if you can re-create your existing storage space to add more spaces for other items. Turning a cupboard or a drawer into a dual-purpose space is a great idea when you are on a budget or when you don’t really have a big kitchen area.

4.) Create working stations. Keep everything in arm’s reach. This will help you organize your kitchen, and make moving easier for you. To do this, you may want to keep drinking glasses, mugs, saucers, tea cups, and coffee and creamer set by the bar, or near your coffee maker. Or try having your condiments shelf near the cooking area where you keep your utensils like kitchen knives, cutting board, pans, and near your gas range.

5.) Create the perfect ambiance. You would want your cooking experience to be less tiring, right? Aesthetics can provide you with your most wanted atmosphere. You can do this by adding accessories in appropriate areas, or splashing a little lively color other than your usual white. Also, keep everything clean, polished and sanitized.

Latest Fashion, Grey Kitchen Design

Your home and each room in it needs to match up with latest fashion materials, floorings, mats, colors, trends, the lights, cushions, kitchen furniture and everything. Then only you will be able to live a modern life with style. When it comes to kitchen decor you just cannot keep aside the grey kitchen design.

Today this particular set up has gained lots of popularity as more and more home owners are going ahead with it. When you redevelop the kitchen room you can think of applying the grey designs. When you welcome all your friends, family members and relatives at home they definitely visit the kitchen and spend lots of time there around. Gray design kitchen with some black color exhaust, white side walls and ceiling, and light color floors and some contrast furniture around will welcome the guests perfectly.

Extra bit of wooden furniture can be applied around to increase the glow of the favorite room, the kitchen. This kind of design for your kitchen will definitely bring in some modern colors and invite more space around. The color, pattern texture and style of gray design are just amazing. The cabinets in the kitchen room can be painted in grey as well to match the surrounding. Skinny blue color counter tops and the black splash at the corner will double the looks. The range hood and some other accessories on the walls can be painted in black designs and patterns to style up the kitchen. A contract floor mat will light up the environment around for some food, snacks, dinner, parties or just relaxing.

Today’s latest fashion is definitely grey kitchen design and this is gaining popularity in no time at all. When the kitchen platform is grey, there are shades of black on the walls, the flooring is covered in contrast color mats and the walls too are shaded in light colors, some metal or stainless steel appliances around in the cabinets and drawers will be perfect. The cold colors around in the kitchen can be warmed up by fruits, flowers, bowl of snacks and some drinks. Grey kitchen islands will be perfect for you to invite the guests and friends and bring them in the kitchen for some rest, food, enjoyment as well as fun. An inbuilt shelf for keeping the books and some trendy looking art pieces will be perfect to ad that extra bit of fashion, light, glamour in the kitchen.

Wide Open Spaces-How to Tame and Decorate Them

Today’s homes are designed and laid out so our public areas, the family room, kitchen, recreation room, dining room, and living room are open to each other for interaction and family unity. But how are you to decorate these rooms that flow from one space to the next? Most of the time there are no stopping and starting points to paint or wallpaper, no way to have one color or style in one area and a different one in another area. So, how do you decorate these rooms and give them identity, comfort and allow them to remain their own space?

Everyone has heard the words “Form Follows Function.” Let’s break that down for your home. Each room in your home has a function. For some you need a space to eat your meals, play board games, card games, do homework, write letters, pay bills… you get the idea. Because the functions performed are more task oriented, a table and chair combination works best. You may call this a dining room or eating area. The same applies for a family room where you will lounge, take naps, sit and read or watch television. Begin by looking at the function of your particular space and this will dictate what type of furnishings you will need.

To flow or not to flow, that is the question! Some designers will tell you that if you have open public areas that they need to have the same colors, same themes, same types of window treatments and artwork. This is true and not true, at the same time! Our minds like like-minded things. If you can find something in one room or one area that you can connect to another room or area you will feel comfortable, stable and the rooms will seem to flow together nicely. This is done easily by selecting a color, theme, accessory, or piece of artwork.

Let’s try some real life examples. Say you have a family room, kitchen and dining area that are all open to each other. In order to get them to flow we could use a Nautical theme. This allows you to use boat accessories like ores, netting, boardwalk lights, reels, and fishing poles in one area or room, lighthouses in another, and carved duck decoys, artwork with Nautical scenes, or prints of beaches and oceans in yet another.

We could also flow the spaces together by painting the walls the same color in all the rooms, but use different accent colors to make each room appear different. You could also begin with a patterned fabric for the family room and use similar color and style patterns in the kitchen and dining room. You do this by using a large print in the family room, small print in the dining area, plaid in the kitchen and accent with solids, stripes or patterned upholstery fabrics in the same colors and style. The window treatments, fabrics, wall colors, accessories and artwork would not need to be the same in each room, they are simply coordinated and alike in color and style.

When decorating you must keep in mind your preferred style. If you are creating a traditional interior keep everything traditional, if you want to use a very contemporary style then go contemporary. For the most part, if you mix and match your style the room will not feel connected. This is true for colors, patterns, types of furniture, artwork and accessories. There are exceptions to this of course! Small added pieces like a contemporary painting or vase to a traditional room or a traditional sideboard in a contemporary dining room are sometimes just enough to make your home YOUR home.

Be creative, have fun and don’t let your decorating projects overwhelm you. Take your time and relax. Think through and plan each project before starting, it saves you tons of headaches in the long run. And lastly, remember to enjoy your open areas!