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Keep Kitchen Design Simple and Fun in the New Year

Upon the decision to redesign or upgrade a kitchen, there are plenty of decisions to be made. In 2016, kitchens are following a simplistic style with elements that “wow.” Explore some of the latest trends in kitchen refurbishments and builds that will excite everyone.

There are some basic elements of a kitchen that are important when it comes to the build. They include appliances, cabinets, flooring, counter tops and backsplashes. It’s important to start with the basics, and for many that is the cabinetry. Shopping with an RTA cabinet store is a smart choice to stay within a budget. These cabinets are no less sturdy then what would be delivered assembled. The only difference is there much cheaper.

Cabinetry Choices

As always there are plenty of cabinetry choices this year. Still popular as ever is the shaker style cabinet, and following close behind are slab cabinets, glass panel and recessed panel among others. The most popular finishes include dark, mid-tone, light, grey and white stains. As always, bamboo is the choice material.

Once the style, finish and material are chosen from the RTA cabinet store, then decorators are focusing on pulls and knobs which come in a variety of metal finishes, ceramic, glass and wood. The hardware that’s chosen can completely change the look of the kitchen!

Interior Hardware with Flair

Also given consideration in this new year is functional hardware, the parts unseen within the cabinets secured from an RTA cabinet store. They allow cabinets to open in fun, new and interesting ways that will make family and guests gasp with delight.

It’s all about convenience and many of these additions will allow for easier access to cookware, dishes, glasses and more. See what options the RTA cabinet store has and put those new cabinets together with flair!

Backsplashes that Pop

The backsplash in a kitchen plays an important role. True that they are there to catch splashes as the name indicates, but they are also there for a stylistic addition. Decorators have fun choosing backsplashes of ceramic, glass and other beautiful materials. Nestled beneath the choice of cabinets from the RTA cabinet store, it should fit seamlessly but can also be fun.

Black and white kitchens can choose a backsplash of a completely different color, or play it save with dashing black and white tiles. At a strip of blue glass to draw attention. Choose some simple ceramic tiles in tan or white that had tiny tiles in a bold color in between them.

Tiles for backsplashes come in all sizes and shapes which allows the decorator to play around with their placement. Sometimes, elements of the countertop or flooring can be added to a backsplash to tie it all together, however that’s not necessary. Kitchens of today follow no set rules, and should be fun and welcoming all at once.

A Countertop to Count On

Count on it, prepare food on it, socialize on it; one thing is for certain, the counter top in a kitchen sees a lot of action! It should first and foremost be durable and able to stand up to plenty of abuse, especially in the homes of cooks or with small children.

That being said, a counter top doesn’t have to sacrifice style to do so. There are many beautiful granite and stone materials that will please even the pickiest designer. Just make sure it flows with the choice from the RTA cabinet store. The good news is with ready to assemble cabinets, the counter tops will be completely supported! Pre-assembled can be questionable. Be sure to invest in the best!

Building a new kitchen is an exciting time, and with the right elements one can enjoy it for many years, and make plenty of memories with the people they love gathering alongside them.

Kitchen Tables and Chair Sets – An Essential Dining Room Furnishing

Your dining room, it is the location in your home for all sorts of events and occasions. From fancy seven course dinners to pizza parties, even all nighters for school projects. For that reason, it needs to be a functional space and that’s where high quality kitchen tables and chair sets come into play. They allow you to use your space the way that you want, plus, one adds a nice decorative element in the process.

Kitchen tables and chair sets are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find just the right one for your space. For example, if you have a smaller kitchen area, then a great option for you would be one that is smaller and round in size that comes with four chairs. If your dining space is on the larger size, then a long, rectangular table option would be the way to go that comes with eight chairs and can sit eight people. You can even get kitchen tables that have an expanding option with a removable insert and if you want chairs that match the set, extras are always available for purchase. Basically, there are just a lot to choose from.

Along with coming in different shapes and sizes, kitchen tables and chairs sets are also available in a slew of styles and designs to match the look and feel that you have going on in your space. The reason this is possible is because they can be crafted from a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, metal and glass, even stone. So, maybe you have a modern theme resonating throughout your entire home, then a great choice for you would be something that features bold geometric lines. Like one who’s table and chair base is made out of metal that is paired up nicely with a glass table top. For something that is more on the traditional side, a great choice would be sets that are crafted out of wood with a nice cherry base.

A great way to browse all the different kitchen tables and chair sets that are available and find the perfect one for you is by heading to your computer. That is right, your computer and not the local furniture store. You see, there are a lot of online vendors and you can breeze through all their offerings in not time and all. And when you do find something you like, it will be shipped right to your home so you do not even have to worry about transporting it. Now that is convenient.

When it comes down to it, kitchen tables and chairs sets are essential in having a functional and beautiful dining room space. One thing to remember when buying yours is that it is important to get one of high quality because you want it to be able to stand up to the rigors of everyday living. Now, what are you waiting for? Get one today, so you, and everyone else can enjoy sitting around it tomorrow and many, many years after that.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

While so many apparently modern kitchens are in concept deeply rooted in history, or at least have some nostalgic reference point, real contemporary style is always original.

To be successful this very individual approach takes a good deal of expertise and experience and, of course, supreme confidence. These kitchen interiors are unforgiving and exacting, devoid of clutter and superfluous decoration. If necessary, in order to achieve what is considered correct proportion, form and an appropriate quality of light, rooms are dramatically restructured: ceilings are raised, windows replaced and doors moved from one wall to another.

You have to find ingenious ways to solve conventional problems, for compromise is not a word that finds space here. Color is used dramatically and boldly; textures and surfaces are chosen for maximum impact. Everything exudes precision; every detail is completely perfect and each piece of equipment has its own carefully considered space. Whether it is constructed of natural or synthetic materials, furniture is generally custom-made.

Contemporary kitchen design style suits those who enjoy clear, clean and open interiors, those for whom comfort means a room that makes them feel soothed and serene. If contemporary style were to have any connection with the past, its minimalism is most likely to have been inspired by Zen philosophy, which aims to create stillness and simplicity

Employing an architect or designer to help you to create a unique kitchen can be a very successful collaboration; the more you involve yourself in the project the more likely it is to reflect your personality and not just be a showcase for someone else’s style.