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Discover The Beauty Of Tuscan Kitchen Design

A recent report stated that, after the bedroom, being in the kitchen is where we spend most of our time when at home. Whether it’s simply microwaving a quick snack or preparing a lavish family meal, this room takes up most of our waking day. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many people are now treating the kitchen as the one room to spend the most time getting right when it comes to decorating. One of the more popular choices in recent years has been that of Tuscan kitchen design.

Based on the stylish designs of the Italian Renaissance, a Tuscan kitchen offers a unique and warm alternative to normal kitchen decorations. With inspiration from some of the most classic and appreciated art and style throughout the ages, this kind of renovation can lead to an amazingly creative environment and one that will be the conversation piece of many a party. And the best thing is that they’re relatively easy to achieve.

Since you will be trying to recreate the feel of Tuscany in your kitchen, your design needs to reflect this. With that particular area of Italy usually enjoying a warm and pleasant atmosphere for most of its calendar year, your kitchen should emit a similar kind of feeling. Keep any colors you paint it light and soft, and try to let in as much natural light as is possible to enhance this feel. If you’re thinking of renovating the kitchen while redecorating, think about installing new, larger windows that will help bask your new Tuscan kitchen in as much a natural glow as possible.

Since the Renaissance period itself from which the inspiration for a Tuscan kitchen comes from was famous for its classical art, your design should try to incorporate this feeling too. Marble is an excellent material, since not only does it give off that classically timeless look, it also feels soft and smooth to the touch, which is what you’re trying to achieve. Brass ornaments, as well as gold accessories, can also add the finishing touch to your kitchen, as these metals were extremely popular with the artists of the time.

Since the people of Italy, and especially the Tuscan region, are known for their wonderful culinary skills, it’s easy to see why they love to involve the whole family in the cooking process. You should keep this in mind when designing your own Tuscan kitchen, and try to leave it as free from clutter and open-planned as much as possible. This helps create a much more involving and complete family atmosphere.

As the finishing touch to your new kitchen, when you’re buying any new pots or utensils to put in it, go for traditional Italian cookware and kitchen equipment. Not only does it look and feel good, but also be the final piece to inspire you to create culinary masterpieces in your new and stylishly designed Tuscan kitchen.

You’re in the Driving Seat When It Comes to Custom Kitchen Designs

Getting new kitchens fitted can often be a bit of a labour of love for some people, wanting a kitchen that is practical as well as appealing to the eye may be your ultimate goal but in many people’s case this may mean that you could take a long time as you gradually handle all the various little tasks that need to be done which could include plumbing work, decorating, installing new appliances and various joinery tasks such as fitting cupboards and worktops.

The best and least stressful way to get your new kitchen is with the help of a professional kitchen fitter and designer. This is becoming more and more popular as many people are self confessed DIY novices and entire new kitchens could be a task too big for them. So a professional kitchen designer will be able to help you with practically every element of your new kitchen plans from the layout of your home to the fixtures and decorations that will be in your kitchen.

Above all your kitchen designs will be under your control and will have final say on how your kitchen will look, after all it is you who is paying and you who will be using the kitchen so it is important you give your input to the process and speak up if you are unhappy about anything or want to change things.

Many kitchen designers will have pictures of previous work or have preset kitchen designs that you can browse and either include them in your plans or simply choose a predetermined design if you don’t have any particular features and decor in mind. With the help of a kitchen designer they are going to be able to get the best deals on source materials and even built in appliances if this is something that you are including in your new kitchen plans.

Built-in appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines can help to enhance the stylish and sleek look to your new kitchen by keeping white goods out of sight and in some cases can help reduce the noise produced by these appliances when they are in use.

Other features such as breakfast bars and islands in your kitchen can help create more workspace and even a place to eat or have a cup of coffee in the morning. There are plenty of people who have had these modern features fitted into their homes but a kitchen designer will be able to deduce whether your kitchen has enough room to include any of these features.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Kitchen Design

Choosing the most suitable materials for a certain application is a major stage of every design process, and is essential to the success of the final product, in this case a kitchen design for your home. This room is certainly a demanding one and forms a challenging environment for even the most durable construction and decorating materials. Common difficult factors such as high heats, boiling liquids, splashing water, strong fragrances and intensely pigmented foods make it necessary to choose the most resilient materials for your kitchen design.

Counter tops typically make up a large proportion of the surface area in kitchen designs, and are also the most commonly used surface. The perfect counter top is unaffected by heat and standing water, is impervious to stains and is completely non-porous to avoid the unhygienic absorption of food based germs. Counter top materials can vary greatly in price and it is worth doing some research to find which option is the most cost effective for your kitchen design.

Cheaper material options for counter tops, such as formica and laminate, can often work just as well as the much more expensive options of natural stone. The downside to these materials, however is that more caution is needed to prevent irreparable damage such as staining or surface rippling, and the counter top, and thus your entire space, will inevitably have a much shorter operational life.

The more expensive materials, however, can often require a surprisingly high level of maintenance and care. The most popular luxury material for use in a kitchen design is probably natural stone, particularly granite, marble, soapstone and slate. Natural stone is available in a wide array of different colours and patterns, with each cut of stone having a completely unique appearance, making it an obvious choice for those concerned with maintaining a high level of beauty throughout their homes.

As well as counter tops, consideration needs to be given to the flooring in your kitchen. Obviously thick pile carpet is silly idea, but what other material should you use? Aesthetic concerns are definitely important in the flooring you choose for your kitchen design, as are hygiene, cleanliness and comfort. Rich wooden floorboards give any space a cosy and homely feel, but must be sealed thoroughly to prevent water damage. Tile is a popular and practical choice for the kitchen design, but hard porcelain or ceramic can be very tough on tired feet when cooking dinner after a long day.