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Small Kitchen Design For Your Home

The kitchen is one of the more important rooms of the house. This is not only the place where we cook the food but it is a place where we bond with other family members. The sad thing is most homes nowadays only have small kitchens and it does not leave much room to move around especially if all the family members are there. However, before you go off and ax one of the walls of your kitchen, you can opt for a cheaper alternative and that is to come up with a small kitchen design.

The technique to making a great and functional small kitchen design is to work with the space that you already have. No matter how small it may be. The first thing that you have to do is to get rid of the clutter. Then always be on the look-out for functional kitchen items that you can also use for decoration.

So you no longer have to add decorations in your kitchen. Thus, you get to use them often and they aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can also opt to put an island in your kitchen.

It does not have to be in the middle. You can place it where it’s convenient. Just make sure that you can also use it as storage. If you are going to change your counters, make sure that you are able to install deeper counters. So you will be able to place in more appliances and you will have more space to work on. Remember the technique with improving your kitchen, no matter how small it is, is being able to create more space.

The Appeal of Rustic Kitchen Designs

Rustic kitchens often have a regional American flair: Adirondack, Southwestern, Mountain West or Pacific Northwest, for example. Others resemble a lodge or log cabin.

Common characteristics include cabinets in knotty pine, hickory or alder; ceiling beams; and warm, rich shades of brown, red, green and yellow. Due to the cozy and comforting look that the rustic decor provides, it is still popular in the apartments and modern homes. It gives a certain natural yet modern feel to the house and make it pleasant and inviting.

Here are some of the essential rustic kitchen ideas:

Naturalness and simplicity – these two words define this style aimed at countryside recreation in our homes. For a great rustic look, materials such as wood, stone, wrought iron or terracotta ceramics. Orange is a signature color for the rustic kitchen. Shades of orange are seen throughout rustic kitchen design from dark wood cabinets, rustic furniture, wooden floors and exposed ceiling beams to granite counter tops and copper cook wares.

Copper is a favorite metal for rustic kitchen decorating. Iron wall decor, iron light fixtures and iron pot racks are common to rustic kitchen design. Introduce this by using iron wall grilles as a grand focal point or to create the illusion of windows in a small kitchen. Rustic lighting refers to light fixtures that are decorated with such artifacts as pinecones, animal antlers, trees, fish, or fishing rods. If you’ve decided to design your kitchen in country style, rustic lighting can add warmth and atmosphere to it. Since rustic lighting usually goes with the country style kitchen, it also calls for using natural lights usually generated from skylights and large windows.

The traditional farmhouse or apron sink is a very popular trend in kitchen sinks currently. Apron sinks have a high back, and a low front that often juts past the front of the cabinetry that surrounds it. They are often made from materials as cast iron, or natural stones such as granite, limestone, and soapstone. A rustic style kitchen can be a really beautiful and attractive feature in your home – a place that friends and family will love to congregate.

How to Use Bright Colours in Your Kitchen Design

Nothing lifts the spirits more than a bright splash of colour, and this is certainly true when it comes to decorating the rooms in your home. Whether you put a pop of pink or sky blue in your bedroom to get you in a good mood as soon as you wake up, or add some yellow to your living room for a sunny atmosphere, brights can be a stylish and stimulating design choice.

When it comes to kitchen design, bright colours also can play a great role. If you spend a lot of time in this space in your home, it makes sense that you would like it to be a pleasurable place to do all your food preparation and even dine in. Here are some tips on how to make these primary colours work in your home.

A popular choice for a bright colour in the kitchen is red. This vivid hue is passionate and fiery, and can make for an impact full look that instantly stimulates the senses. This warm shade can be perfect for a kitchen that is nice to relax in with a tasty home-cooked meal and a glass of wine after work.

As red is an intense colour, it is best when paired with another equally strong colour such as black. The black and red combination is timeless, and works exceptionally well for the kitchen. Try using red kitchen cabinets with glossy black stone work surfaces for a modern and extremely sleek look.

To add another colour to this combination, white or pale wood shades are fantastic, as they will not compete with the deep black or the vibrant red cabinets that are already in place. Subtle wooden flooring, a white sink and white ornaments can set off this bright kitchen perfectly.

Another bright colour that is used in many rooms in the homes the color blue. This is a popular tone as it is considered cool and calming, despite sometimes being very bold. Whereas red is passionate and stimulating, blue is genuinely uplifting, and can be combined with a number of other colours for a natural or vibrant look, depending on your tastes.

Blue kitchen cabinets are at their best when combined with whites and natural materials for a calming and peaceful effect, no matter how bright the blue is. This can give the impression of looking up at a blue sky or at the blue ocean.

For a more eye-catching look, blue pairs exceptionally well with shades of orange and yellow. Using a bright blue as a principal colour in your kitchen can be contrasted to great effect with a paler orange or yellow colour. Together, these shades create a sunny and soothing combination that is great at getting you going in the morning as you eat your bowl of cornflakes at the breakfast bar.

The colour green may be a somewhat unusual choice for a kitchen design, but this colour is actually extremely versatile and can create many different exciting color combinations. Firstly, green cabinets can look fantastic in a white and natural wood styled kitchen space.

Whereas blue paired with these colors creates the feeling of being near the sea or looking at the sky, green cabinets can really give a country feel to a room. If you are looking for a rural and more traditional style space that is not too plain and boring, a pop of the colour green could be the right choice for you.

Although muted tones of green can perhaps look best in a more traditionally styled kitchen area, bright lime greens are fantastic in an ultramodern space. Try mixing your lime green cabinets with sleek grey marble counter tops, white walls, glossy hardwood flooring and plenty of chrome accessories and kitchen appliances for a zesty and uplifting kitchen design.