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Incorporate Cabinet Hardware Into Your Kitchen Design

If you have been looking for just the right style for your next kitchen makeover but are not sure where to begin, try going in a different direction and starting with the cabinet hardware. Many people begin by choosing larger elements in the room to work from, like new flooring or wallpaper, but today’s cabinet hardware comes in so many different styles, shapes, colors, finishes and materials that you can easily find a set that embodies your personal style and use it to shape the rest of the room by incorporating it and its different aspects into your new kitchen design.

To do it this way, start by browsing hardware online. You will have instant access to tons of different sets of cabinet hardware this way, much more than you would if you hopped down to the local home improvement store and just used the selection available there. Online stores, even just one, generally have a much wider selection than a bricks and mortar store can comfortably display. Look for pieces you find especially beautiful or that speak to you somehow. For example, if your tastes run towards the antique, perhaps it will be a set of cut glass Victorian drawer pulls that grab your eye. If your tastes run towards the modern and trendy, then it may be a set of sleek stainless steel or chrome knobs and pulls. Country style lovers can find pieces shaped like the ubiquitous apple, and those that like the rustic appeal of a French Country kitchen may be drawn to hardware crafted from wood, ceramic, or wrought iron.

Once you’ve found a set that you really love, then you can use it to plan the decorative elements of the rest of the room. What kind of cabinets will show these door handles off to the best effect? That way, you will be able to decide whether or not your cabinets need a coat of a different color paint, or perhaps have the paint stripped entirely and then a coat of stain applied. If you plan on putting in all new cabinets, then this will let you decide what they should look like, too. From there, you can more easily choose what kind of flooring, walls, and window treatments you want. Try choosing new lighting fixtures, kitchen door hardware, and faucets that match the cabinet knobs and pulls – similar in materials or color – to finish tying everything together, and you will end up with a great new kitchen look that really exudes your personal tastes and style.



How to Have an Italian Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the center part of each home and the place where many activities happen. In Italian themed kitchen design ideas, one requirement is a big table that can accommodate a lot of friends and family members for a get-together dinner or parties. They usually use natural colors like cream, gold, and oranges which also happen to produce a cozy environment. An Italian kitchen is usually based on comfort and style.

One common Italian themed kitchen is the Tuscan style. This technique blends the natural color along with the normal materials which creates a hackneyed appearance. Do not think that you need to buy expensive antiques to get the Tuscan look. Just try out these following techniques to get classic Italian style kitchen design ideas.


When installing an Italian themed lighting, you must install ones that uses iron wrought material though recessed lighting is also encouraged. If you want to stay Italian, just make sure that the lighting you install has a matte metal finish. Sleek metals promotes modern look and not the best choice for an Italian themed kitchen.


You can buy old antiques to accessorize your kitchen. However, if you are on a tight budget, try looking for your old pots and pitchers you can just paint to get a worn out look. Decorative jars such as the Majolica ware; it is a set of pots that is both Italian and perfect for your everyday ware. Place pots with herbs on your countertop, more green more Italian.

There are many items that can be added to your kitchen that will enhance the theme. Another example is a vintage looking center table. In most Italian families, their recipes are often passed to the next generation so they require a table surrounded by many seat where children study cooking. The table must be made of wood without finishing and the seats must be a combination of wrought iron and wood.

Wall Painting

For the walls, earth tone is the best choice of an Italian kitchen. You may color the back splashes with bold color to add brightness into the room. The walls should also have painting pieces for an accent. Food painting is the most common one that you will find in an Italian kitchen. Creating and designing an Italian themed kitchen is enjoyable and may be achieve on any allotted funds. Smaller budget only implies that the use of Italian accessories must be designed and made accordingly by yourself.

Another reason why Italian style kitchen is on trend nowadays is because it is based on minimalism, comfort and maximized used of the kitchen which is how a kitchen is supposed to be designed in the first place. An Italian kitchen is a spot where laughter and love take place. It is one area in the house where everybody can sit around together and have fun with each other. Think around that and you will surely have a perfect kitchen.