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Kitchen Design Ideas

The other day I had a small get together and noticed that most of my guests congregated in my kitchen. There used to be a time when the kitchen was the place where the food was prepared, cooked and stored. In fact my grandma remembers those days.

The kitchen has now become a multi-faceted room. It is probably the place that the family spends the most time in. Mom might be cooking or cleaning, while Dad is on the kitchen counter paying the bills, while the kids are doing their homework. Keeping this in mind it is important to start taking more care in the design of the kitchen. More and more it needs to be both functional and easy on the eyes. We do spend a lot of time there after all.

Here are some things to consider when designing your kitchen:

The floor plan – Consider opening up your kitchen into another room in your family, like the living room or the dining room. What this does is gives you a large open free flowing space. Not only will it make the kitchen look larger, it will also give you the ability to hang out their with lots of friends and family.

The floor material – Consider the type of flooring you will use in your kitchen. If you live in a cold part of the country, then you might want to use heated kitchen floors – especially if you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. If you want to make a statement then you can use decorative and stylish tiles which will stand out.

The cabinets – First and foremost decide on how much storage space you will need. Make room for more cabinet space that you think you will need. More often than not we always underestimate and then run out of space. The next to consider is the cabinet color and material which contributes to the general look and feel. Many designers suggest that you should choose a neutral cabinet color so that it will go well with most colored walls. This way even if the wall colors are off by a bit, they won’t clash with the cabinets. As far as the material, while wood is most common choice, these days there are also stainless steel cabinets which are gaining in popularity.

Sinks and Faucets – Your kitchen sinks and faucets can add a great deal of appeal. There are so many different makes and styles that there is sure to be one that appeals to you. Think about any sink and faucet accessories that you may want – like a soap dispenser, a pull out spray, a water filter or a hot water dispenser. It makes it easier to pick an all in one so that they are all installed in one spot.

No matter what you choose, always be conscious of your budget. There is plenty of choice no matter the size of your wallet.

Sunroom Kitchen Design Ideas

A sunroom is the showcase of natural elements, the platform of receiving natural light from the sun and display the glory of a greenish garden. But how can you decorate the sunroom by yourself? Here are few useful sunroom ideas for you to turn your sunroom into a quiet retreat space.

First of all, keep the colors light. Choosing light colors for your sunroom will help inject several advantages to you. Light colors can maximize the efficiency of your sunroom’s energy. Then the room will maintain its warmth during the winter and be cooler during the summer season. Besides, light colors will help integrate natural outdoor elements into your sunroom kitchen design. Basically light colors resemble a neutral palette where you can easily put add-ons to yet at the same time, circumventing the disorganized and cluttered look. Gentle yellow and green or creamy white are among the colors that work perfectly fine. You can also try out using faux painting techniques such as ragging on some gentle green color to create some dramatic essence.

You can also include tinge of water element as one of the sunroom ideas. This may be good to balance off the sun element. Besides, water can enhance the energy efficiency in your sunroom. There are few ways to incorporate the water into your designs. One of the simplest methods is to place a water fountain. Your sunroom will be really revitalizing with the soft gurgle of lapping water. Or you can use water container for your planting to include the watery component into your sunroom. By using a large glass container, you can create a water garden to allow the dwelling of aquatic plants. You can plant water hydrangea, lilies or duckweed. It is pretty alright to see production of algae in the water garden but you can always rear small fishes to reduce the algae population.

Another excellent idea is to include organic elements into your sunroom kitchen design. Most people prefer to use the organic elements for the furniture in their sunrooms. For instance, wicker furniture can offer some earthy yet sophisticated look perfect for relaxation. Apart from that, you may integrate some bamboo blinds, a wooden table, and a straw or bamboo floor mat.

How To Design And Categorize Your Home Kitchen

Sometimes it is very boring when you cook in the same kitchen. You can make it look better by adding simple decorations. Making your kitchen look better will give you extra pride. Let us discuss some ideas to design and decorate our kitchen with accessories than can be both beautiful and useful.

To decorate the kitchen do not get all the decorative things available in the market and dump them into the kitchen, it will not make the kitchen attractive rather it will make it shabby. Get things that can be both decorative and useful.

There are many patterns that are available that can create a unique pattern among the accessories. The best pattern can be shortlisted by considering the cost, space and the taste preferences.

Hand painted articles, wooden articles, earthen articles, china clay and white clay articles are some that you can use to decorate your kitchen. Not only articles, we can have a well decorated wall clock if we prefer, some people go for more decorative appliances. There exist many varieties ranging from simple types to more decorative types and we must pick them based on our preferences.

Each individual will have their own preferences in color, shape and material of accessories. Some of the best kitchen items to have are the tea bag holder, tissue or napkin holder, a knife holder, spoon, candlestick and flower vase.

Getting all the decorative things from the market, alone will not make your kitchen more stylish, you need to get them arranged properly so as not to collide on the materials. They should be planned and placed in appropriate places so as to avoid confusions and collisions.

I am sure you are wondering where you should go in order to get some of the decorative items you will need for your kitchen. The good news is that you have many different options since you will be able to purchase them in offline stores as well as in online stores.

In old times you would have to go to every store in the street to compare items. Nowadays it is not necessary since you can go and search online and check out many of the online reviews. You should also be able to compromise on cost sometimes, because in some cases you cannot calculate the value of the beauty added to your kitchen. So there will be some items that you will need to get that will cost a bit more than the average cost.