Decorating On A Dime: Kitchen Design

A kitchen redecorating or remodeling project can easily get to be an expensive project. With expensive appliances, costly water fixtures and pricey home accessories, kitchen decorating and redesign can quickly make any budget spiral out of control. That’s why it’s so important to create a cost breakdown list first to ensure you know how much each kitchen material costs and whether you live without it or not. Use this guide to decorating your kitchen on the cheap and you’ll be sure to get a kitchen design you’ll love at a price you can afford.

Setting the Budget

Getting a set of definitive numbers down on paper can be difficult at best. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a list of your wants and needs when it comes to kitchen design. This will help you to define a cost breakdown list of materials and labor costs. This will especially help you when hiring any contractor or remodeling expert, to ensure you keep your kitchen decorating project within budget.

Budget Design Tip: The best way to get a good budget from the get go is by breaking the job apart into sections. From flooring to metallic wall art, you’ll be sure not to leave any steps or materials from your kitchen design.

Sketch Up

Once you’ve got everything from appliances to table decorations drawn into your budget, you can really begin to design your kitchen space. A good blueprint is always necessary when completing any home improvement project. But before you call the architect, it’s a good idea to draw your own plan. Whether it’s on a cocktail napkin or if it’s done to scale, a drawing can help you wrap your mind around your kitchen design.

Blueprint Design Tip: Once you complete the basic outline of the existing kitchen, make several copies of it. This will help you create as many design options as you need, ensuring you get the best kitchen design possible.

Buying in Bulk

It’s not just about the big chain stores that give you big savings on bulk groceries. Construction supply companies do it too. If you are planning to do more than one remodeling job on your home, then buying some items in bulk to use later can really help offset some of the costs of the project down the road. Materials like electrical outlets, accent furniture’s and table d├ęcor all get cheaper when you buy them in bulk. Store the unused materials for your next home improvement project for twice the savings.

Buying in Bulk Tips: Looking for the best deals on sale items can help accentuate the savings on certain items. Just be sure bulk items like paint are stored for as little time as possible as they degrade very quickly.

Capture the Old World Charm of Spain in Your New Kitchen Design!

Creating a Spanish kitchen design is possible while retaining convenient contemporary appliances and devices. These are hidden behind cabinetry as in any integrated kitchen. The influence of this sort of kitchen based on the hacienda or Spanish estate. Colors are vivid and rich, materials are natural and earthy and the atmosphere is dramatic, bold and
family-oriented. Antiques and vintage items of interest could decorate the open shelves, giving an authentic air to your style.

Design Features

Space is an essential part of this kitchen style. A central island used as a preparation area could also include an oven and cooktop, or a deep copper sink.

Cabinets have large drawers and contrast well with the pieces of large, ornate, tall furniture that could store the equipment, large bowls, casserole dishes and utensils.

An antique lamp placed hanging over the island gives atmosphere, and other modern ‘task lights’ can be used for functionality in a discreet way. An antique wrought iron candelabra would be in keeping with this design.

Hand-painted ceramic tiles are very decorative and a Spanish country kitchen would probably feature cream, blue, red and green. Colorful Talavera tiles, pottery and dishware are plentiful both to use in cooking and eating, and as decorative items.

A wooden rack hung from the ceiling on old chains would be useful from which to hang pewter and copper pots and pans.This is both typical of the style and also provides storage.

Flooring should be of natural materials such as stone, clay, or wood. A large hearth would be used for cooking over and for warmth, but you could use it to frame a gorgeous copper water jug of dried or fresh flowers, or herbs.

Walls would also be of natural materials and painted in strong colors…rich reds, deep blues, dark greens, deep yellows and warm umber. Use paler accents and tones of similar colors on cabinets, shelving or picture frames. Walls and cabinets and other furniture often have a ‘distressed’ look. This is easy to create yourself.

Natural light is important and you can put in a skylight if possible, or open up windows. Painting a mural will also give a feeling of light and space and uniqueness.

Wrought iron light fittings, knobs, handles, hooks and racks give an authentic look to the Spanish kitchen design.


Display a paella pan and a cazuela, bottles of olive oils and bunches of herbs.

Earthenware pots for making cocidos and other casserole dishes can be stacked on dressers. These look solid, earthy and very decorative.

Display copper and pewter items such as espresso pots, garlic presses and mortar and pestle.

Heavy mason jars can be useful as well as beautiful.

Glassware can be displayed in the dresser on glass racks or behind glass wall cabinet doors.

Display stacks of brightly painted dishes and plates that are cheerful and vibrant.

Dried lavender could be hung from your wooden rack above the island bench.

Your lovely Spanish kitchen design will attract friends and family and will really become the heart of your home, with its deep, earthy colors, natural materials and its solid feel of an age gone by.

What to Know About a Kitchen Planner and How One Can Be Used

Considerations when selecting a kitchen planner and then using it to sit down and design or remodel a kitchen space come down to understanding how the planner should be used, mainly. For sure, it can be a great way to simplify any remodeling project as well as keeping a tight grip on any costs involved in the project. Planners help everyone involved in the remodeling job focused and on task.

Today, there is a wide array of planners that can be had. Many of the best can be found online and there are also software programs available. Making use of an effective planner can also help focus those who have an idea of what they want any kitchen take that focus and turn it into reality. Planners also can aid in estimating cost when it comes to a kitchen that may be contemplated.

Most planners start by having the person who needs the kitchen remodeled take a step back and consider what the purpose of kitchen is going to be. This is always helpful to figure out, as a kitchen that will be strictly used for the preparation of food with off-site dining can be much different than a kitchen that will also have a dining area contained within it.

Also, a kitchen planner will force a person to look at the kitchen and decide where within it certain appliances, cabinets and even can openers or a toaster may best be able to be placed in a number of likely design scenarios. With an online planner or even a planner that comes as a software program, one can start to look at all aspects of the kitchen itself and then go about changing it.

Usually, most any planner will require certain input factors. Commonly, when it comes to kitchens, the first thing they will need to be looked at is the existing or current dimensions of the kitchen in terms of square footage and how it is all laid out. It must be said that modifying the total area of the kitchen can really increase costs, but a planner can help avoid this situation.

Also, a good planner is also able to allow one to test out and evaluate likely final designs that can go into the kitchen. One can take appliances, flooring, cabinets and other elements and switch them around or add and subtract them in various ways so that the right kitchen can be installed and also so that installation costs are kept in line with design and decor needs.

It is an axiom whenever planning of anything is involved that proper are planning will always help to avoid poor performance. This is especially so when it comes to a kitchen, so take the time to find a good kitchen planner and then put it to use. If it’s employed properly, the chances are high that costs can be controlled, a good-looking kitchen can be delivered and possible stress can be avoided.