Kitchen Design Ideas – Cool and Cozy

Kitchen designs differ from country to country – so why not incorporate some international kitchen design ideas into your home.

The weather has a major influence on the way we live. Homes in climates that are constantly hot are constructed in a completely different manner to those that have to withstand dramatic changes from one season to another.

In a country where for most of the year food is cooked on an outside barbecue and meals are eaten al fresco the kitchen design may reflect this lifestyle. It may be that ensuring that you have good ventilation to maintain a cool atmosphere inside becomes your primary concern, and of course efficient refrigeration will be vital if perishable foods are to be stored safely. Choosing lightweight furniture that can easily be moved into the garden, or onto the verandah, patio or terrace is another practical aspect to consider; it is usually made of woven cane or pale timber.

If it is continually hot outside, you may prefer to create a kitchen that will also be visually cool – by devising a pale, soothing color scheme. Use flat matt shades of blue and grey with pale painted walls and try to avoid complicated patterns that would upset the sense of calm. It is worth remembering, however, that these decorative schemes need lots of bright clear light, or their coolness tends to become clinical and unwelcoming.

The enduring appeal of the white villages of rural southern Spain, Provence and Tuscany is due in part to the other colors – drawn from the surrounding countryside – that are combined with that white. These baked terracotta, natural sandstone and dusty pink tones also provide warmth in the winters, which are often harshly cold. Of course you can glean inspiration and decorative ideas from holidays abroad, but to transport the style of one country to another may be completely disastrous: colors that look sensational in sunshine can feel oppressive unless you can reproduce a similar light, by natural or artificial means.

Thick wooden shutters on the windows, or canvas canopies, function not only to provide shade in summer but protection from freezing winds too. Stone or tiled floors are pleasantly cool in the summer and may be warmed up by mats or rugs if necessary And you may have a door opening directly from the kitchen onto the garden that can be left open permanently when the weather is fine to allow a cooling breeze to refresh the kitchen. But cool breezes become icy draughts in winter so this will probably need weatherproofing – with a warm and colorful curtain perhaps. And flexible but reliable heating that can respond quickly to changes in the weather is a modern convenience that nearly everyone would consider essential.

It is obviously sensible to wait for a year before you make any major design decisions, unless you are really confident that you can anticipate any seasonal weather changes. Real style is definitely more than surface deep.

Kitchen Design in Easy Chunks

Kitchen appliances in a small space:

Compact appliances are better. Make a list of your budget and the appliances that you need. Try to accommodate more appliances in lesser space.

Small appliances also use less energy and water, saving energy and money!

For instance choose a multi-function electrical appliances, under counter refrigerators, small size multipurpose oven, slimline dishwashers etc.

Buy good quality products. Although those may be expensive but they will last longer.

Food processors, coffee makers, blenders, juicers and dish washers are some very handy appliances, but not essential.

While modeling your kitchen set aside space for these appliances.

Gas cookers are good option as they are cheaper and can do multiple functions.

Always hire an electrician for a checkup of wiring and voltages so that electrical appliances are safe. There are some things you can’t do yourself!

Bigger kitchens:

When your family grows larger you need more space and accessories. Planning ahead for a bigger family is a nice initiative. Install more shelves on a spare wall and place you pans, pots and appliances there. Use space over cabinets for bigger pots and utensils. A good kitchen design is one which flows naturally, provides more space and needs less remodeling or replacement over time.

So plan now for the future!

Cabinets and work surfaces or countertops:

Kitchen cabinets must be large enough and made of good quality material like cherry wood, maple wood, alder wood. Lacquered, melamine and laminates, glass and stainless steel look more modern.

If you have a large family you need to cook a lot, so your workspace should be as efficient as possible. Worktop or countertop (or work surface, counter top) is the area where you work most of your time so it must be durable. The worksurface should be heat resistant, non absorbent, easy to clean, attractive and match your decor.

Granite, limestone, wood, formed concrete, patterned formica, laminate, marble are all popular choices.

The texture of both cabinets and worktop should have resemblance so that they don’t give an unusual clashing look – unless that is what you want of course!

Select tables with spacious drawers and cabinets to make a small space seem bigger. If you have a blank wall it’s good to install wooden or glass and steel shelves there…

What Are The Benefits of Using Kitchen Design

When designing your kitchen, one of the major things you need to consider are the worktops. Kitchen design is quite popular among home owners due to their many benefits. One of the obvious benefits is the cost cuts. Wood is always a cheaper option as compared to others such as granite or laminate. It is quite attractive and will make your kitchen look exquisite. Therefore, you can save some money to decorate other areas of your kitchen.

Apart from the costs, wood is also a timeless material. Wood never runs out of style. This means that you can use it if you are looking for a modern design or a traditional one. This also makes it an excellent option if you want a timeless design that will still look relevant many years to come. In fact, wood improves with age so the longer you have it, the better. This means that while other counter tops age badly, wood will only be getting stronger aesthetically.

Kitchen design is easy to maintain. Wooden counter tops do not need to be scrubbed as this is not only unnecessary but might damage the surface. All you need to do is clean them regularly with wet cloth. There is no need of using expensive cleaning agents on the wood. Maybe once in a while, you can apply oil to prevent them from cracking.

There is also the option of decorating your design to suit your style. For example, you can stain them to change the color when you want to have a new kitchen decor. This also helps give the counter top more personality as you use different stain patterns.

Wooden work tops are not a good home for bacteria and molds. You can easily seal the wood with moisture resistant glue to prevent it from holding water. This means that there is no moisture to promote growth of harmful germs. Therefore, you are sure of having a healthy kitchen that is not harboring microorganisms.

There are different wood types you can choose for your kitchen. Simply because you have chosen wood, does not mean that your kitchen has to look like all other kitchens with design. There is a wide variety such as maple, cherry, stained oak, and beech among others. All these have distinct characteristics that make them excellent for your home. For example, oak is quite strong and durable while maple has a light and beautiful color.

Kitchen design is easy to work with and can be curved to fit any style. So you can have curvy counter tops or straight ones. Wood is easy to curve out and easy to cut out into any shape you want. There is no limit to the designs you can choose for your kitchen. The best part is that the wood used on the counters can also be used on the cabinets, fridge doors and even the kitchen furniture. This allows you to have a kitchen that has a uniform flowing theme.

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